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"Every guitar build is a journey of creation, every detail is planned before the build starts.  But when you see a guitar come to fruition, it is really quite amazing."


My passion for guitar making started many years ago, I have been working with artists and bands for nearly 20 years.  Touring with some global artists as a touring guitar technician, I have been lucky enough to have worked extensively with such artists as Kate Bush, Liam Gallagher, Jeff Lynne's ELO, Take That, Ben Howard, Biffy Clyro and many more. 


My time with these groups let me explore so many varying instruments, finding the nuances of each. What made each instrument special in its own right, all the subtleties that made each instrument its own. I transferred this knowledge into making my first guitars.  I knew what worked on my favourite guitars and went about developing a style which would sit above everything I had tried. The goal is to produce something truly unique, something which is a joy to play and hear.

Each guitar I make brings its own journey, every step develops a new idea, something new to add to each following build. Guitar making is an ever evolving process, each choice in design leads to a new path to find the perfect tone woods and materials for each instrument.  

Creating something beautiful to the eye and joyful to the ear.   

don't think I could ever stop this passion for guitar making. The quality of the craft is a never ending journey of discovery.

   Steve G

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